Blonde Media and (di)vision team up on an innovative and creative collab to celebrate the new generation where they have designed 30 limited-edition jackets made of upcycled police jackets.  

We both highly appreciate young creative talents and strives to empower and encourage them to dream big and to think innovative.

We have decided to collaborate on a limited-edition jacket made of upcycled police jackets, to celebrate the new generation while feeding each other’s fantasies, from fragments to future. In our words, ‘this is the progress of one becoming two, splitting and seeing the generations together’.  

Having the climate in mind we have decided to only produce 30 pieces of the jacket, and to re-design and create the styles from old products into new ones. 

To us everything is a movement. From old to new, from physical to (di)gital and back again.

Products found on are all unique items, they have lived a previous life and have their own story, patina and marks

Almost all of our products are produced and reconstructed locally in our design studio in Copenhagen

We always aim towards reducing our environmental footprint and have the planet in mind - from idea to the final product