blon(de)vision surplus jacket 2/30


Blonde Media x (di)vision

blon(de)vision surplus jacket 2/30


Feeding off each other’s fantasies, from fragments come future. this is the progress of one becoming two, splitting and seeing the generations together.

Everything is a movement. From old to new , from physical to (di)gital and back again.

We have made a jacket with danish production company Blonde Media to celebrate the new generation. All jackets are up-cycled police jackets we have carefully dyed in a dark shade green to give them a unique shade. They come with custom graphics by Blonde Media explaining the universe of blon(de)vision.


  • 2-way police zippers in front with two buttoned front pockets
  • Belt straps around the waist
  • All jackets are uniquely numbered and printed in Denmark
  • Custom graphics by Blonde Media
  • Features custom blon(de)vision label in back
  • All jackets have a unique shade of dark green

This is an unique reconstructed item
Size, fit and color may vary from item to item
Due to it’s reconstructed nature,
Similar items might exist around the galaxy
Follow washing instruction on the original garment
Wear with care and love

Machine wash on 30 degrees celsius

Please note: We recommended washing the product separately the first time it's being washed

Products found on are all unique items, they have lived a previous life and have their own story, patina and marks

Almost all of our products are produced and reconstructed locally in our design studio in Copenhagen

We always aim towards reducing our environmental footprint and have the planet in mind - from idea to the final product