Throughout the lifespan of (di)vision, we have collaborated with multiple brands to develop a collective design identity between us and our collaborators. With these collaborations we aim to create an increased awareness of sustainable production and implement (di)vision’s dna into the existing brands.

We collaborated with Blonde Media on a series of limited-edition jackets. All made from upcycled police jackets, to celebrate the new generation while feeding each other’s fantasies, from fragments to future. In our words, ‘this is the progress of one becoming two, splitting and seeing the generations together’.  

Roskilde Festival x (di)vision

Together with Roskilde Festival, one of the biggest festivals in Europe, we created a unique design experience at  We made it possible to design a festival t-shirt made from upcycled leftover t-shirts from previous years.


7 days/(di)vision - 7division
With the newly founded brand 7DAYS we worked together for their debut collection, showed at CPHFW SS20. The aim of the collaboration was to mix (di)vision and 7DAYS aesthetic’s in a small active lifestyle collection. The collaboration consisted of tracksuits, tights, t-shirts and shorts.

The idea of ​​the collaboration was to take surplus jackets from Tonsure's previous collections and give them a new life, by mixing them with (di)vision's split and multifunctional aesthetics. (di)vision and tonsure has strived to create genderless styles that are open to the user's own interpretation.