At (di)vision we strive towards a sustainable production. We love working with existing clothing and upcycle garments for our mainline collections and our (di)construct project.

A sustainable production

All of our clothes or collections are either produced locally at our in-house studio in Copenhagen or in Italy, where we source our fabrics. Sourced fabrics are all leftover or deadstock from larger luxury productions. By doing so, we secure the quality of the garments produced. If the requirements are not met, we use organic and certified fabric.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

A high priority of ours is to work with what is already available. Therefore we prioritise using preloved clothes, deadstock, military surplus and vintage garments within our production.

We aim towards using everything from the garment and to expand the lifetime of the specific garment or fabric.

Materials and certifications

We avoid using synthetic materials other from military surplus, vintage clothing or surplus from other clothing productions.

If you own washable garments consisting of synthetic materials such as polyester or similar, we recommend using a washing bag to catch the microfibers from the garment.