(di-) is a word-forming element meaning “two, double, twice,”. In other words (di) can be described as the process of one becoming two. (di)vision is a Copenhagen based design and fashion label founded in 2018, directed by the siblings Nanna and Simon Wick, and bred from the constant exposure of creativity in their everyday environment and the urge to create themselves.

With a sustainable mindset we create by taking already existing items and producing something new out of them, giving it a new expression and point of view. With the environment in mind almost everything we create is reconstructed and sewed and crafted in our design studio in Copenhagen.

There isn’t a specific definition of what (di)vision stand for - it’s how you see it. Either you take one jacket and making it two, or take two thoughts and making it one vision.

(di)vision can be divided into three lines depending on how its produced and the purpose of the garment: 1st (di)vsion, 2nd (di)vision and (di)construct 



All products are manufactured and constructed exclusively from surplus products or already existing clothing. This could be; military surplus, vintage clothing or surplus from other clothing productions.

The products will ultimately be unique and no product will be the same even though they might look alike. All products will have lived a previous life and therefore the products can vary in sizes, colors and shapes.

1st (di)vision is part of our season collections which is released twice a year: Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter and general sale is reserved to retailers only.

The production of 1st (di)vision will only take place in Denmark at our in-house design studio.



The idea of 2nd (di)vision is the ability of creating larger collections with more styles and possibilities with the same ideology as 1st (di)vision.

To do so, we source our fabrics from deadstock and leftover fabric originally produced by Italian fashion houses. To reduce our carbon footprint, the garments of 2nd (di)vision are also produced in Italy or the country we purchase them in. All products in this line are individually numbered as well.

2nd (di)vision is part of our season collections as well: Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter and general sale is reserved to retailers only as well. 



(di)construct is our webshop project built on the same ideology as 1st (di)vision. Namely, that all products are produced and constructed exclusively from pre-existing clothing.

Unlike 1st (di)vision and 2nd (di)vision - (di)construct is not part of our seasonal collections.

All products in (di)construct are completely unique, numbered and sold individually. This can, for instance, be seen at our product archive.

With (di)construct we give you the opportunity to do custom orders. If you have any request for a special product or some of our archived products, feel free to contact us on diconstruct@di-vsn.com and we can discuss the opportunities further.