(di-) is a word-forming element meaning “two, double, twice,”. In other words (di) can be described as the process of one becoming two. (di)vision is a Copenhagen based design and fashion label founded in late 2018, directed by the siblings Nanna and Simon Wick.

“Create from what already is”, has always been our go-to work ethic and most of our collections are made from pre-existing materials. 

Our unisex collections take inspiration from classic silhouettes with a conceptual and multifunctional DIY-aesthetic. 

Do-it-yourself has always been our mantra in almost everything we do. Anything you see on this site is (most likely) designed, sewn, coded, shot, edited, packed and shipped in our studio in Herlev just outside Copenhagen in Denmark. 

There isn’t a specific definition of what (di)vision stand for - it’s how you see it. Either you take one jacket and making it two, or take two thoughts and making it one vision.